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What is a Condenser Boiler?

Condenser-Boilers-300x281The condensing boilers are an energy efficient devices that are capable of cooling the heat from the fuel that it is burning and converting into something that can be used further inside the boiler. Usually, the excess steam in the flue of the boiler is cooled off and turned into liquid. To be able to do this, the condenser boiler should be large enough and has large heat exchangers that can cool down water vapor.

Condenser boilers may be a little expensive compared to regular boilers and even furnaces. Yet, this extra payment is worth it because it ensures higher efficiency in heating your home.

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Special Consideration in Installation of a Condenser Boiler

When installing a condenser boiler in your home, you will need to put a drain pipe which will handle the condensed vapor. This is relative easy to install since a drain pipe is just similar to other pipes in the market. You can also easily link this in a condenser boiler and put it in an exhaust so that the condensed vapor can be immediately removed.

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