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Vented Gas Logs

Vented Gas Logs Shopping Guide – Vented Gas Log Reviews

Vented gas logs combine both the best traits of traditional wood burning fireplaces with the hassle free convenience of gas fireplaces. These vented gas logs are not quite as effective regarding efficiency as the ventless models, yet they still are very effective heaters.

vented-gas-logs-300x283If you already own an older wood burning fireplace and are sick of wasting money because your outdated model is not burning your firewood efficiently, investing in one of these vented gas logs is a good choice for you. Installation of a vented gas log is a breeze, just place it in your existing fireplace where the wood usually goes and use the existing chimney or vent for ventilation. Just remember that if you have already used your fireplaces for burning wood, you need to either clean it out really good yourself or better yet get it professionally done before you use it as a natural gas fireplace or you could burn down your house.

The Benefits Of Vented Gas Logs

These vented gas log sets are popular mostly because they are more aesthetically appealing than the ventless models. These vented gas logs can create a very real looking flame that can closely resemble a real fire. These vented gas logs are also pretty efficient in heating as well, and can be used as primary heaters although if that is what you are looking for then maybe a ventless model is better for you than vented gas logs.

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