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Vaillant Ecotec

Why Should You Buy Vaillant Ecotec?

Vaillant-EcotecThere are a lot of reasons why you should buy the Vaillant Ecotec. Condenser boilers like Vaillant Ecotech uses more fuel that are economically with a high performance stainless steel heat exchanger capturing otherwise wasted heat.

Each unit of Vaillant Ecotech features an easy to use and advanced diagnostic display, which is combined with a single electronic circuit board that simplifies commissioning, servicing and operation. Best in class emissions within European standards are achieved with a fully modulating low NOx burner that automatically matches heat output to demand. Vaillant Ecotec is fully compatible with Vaillant’s range of intelligent eBUS controls and with flue lengths up to 21m which is capable of covering most applications.

Features and Benefits

Here are the features and benefits of Vaillant Ecotech.

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