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Stove Sizes

A stove’s size can determine its BTU output and where it can go. Generally speaking, the smaller the stove’s size, the smaller the BTU output and the smaller the room you will heat. This goes for wood stoves, gas stoves or pellet stoves, even oil stoves.

Stove Sizes 20 22 24 Inch Small Cozy

Use these 20 to 24 inch small and cozy stoves in small and cozy spaces. You’ll warm up a bedroom, bathroom, hallway or even a kitchen with a wood stove, gas stove or wood pellet stove this size.

Stove Sizes 24 25 Inch

24 and 25 inch stoves will heat mid-size rooms such as larger bedrooms, smaller living rooms and mobile homes. Available in wood stoves, gas stoves and wood pellet stoves, the medium-sized stove is perfect for all those applications. Let us help you select the right stove.

Stove Sizes 26 27 Inch Large

These large wood burning stoves, pellet stoves, oil stoves and gas stoves fit 26 to 27 inch openings. Some of these large stoves qualify for EPA tax credits; all of them provide warmth and coziness to a larger area.

Stove Sizes 28 29 Inch Big

Big stoves 28 to 29 inches in size are for spaces 38 to 42 inches. These wood burning stoves, pellet stoves, oil stoves and gas stoves are all capable of heating very large areas. You can even warm up multiple rooms with these stoves. We have an excellent selection of this size stove from which to choose at the best prices on the Internet.

Stove Sizes Larger Than 30 Inch X-Large

These enormous extra large stoves can heat almost anything. You have a giant room as in a ski lodge, one of these wood stoves, gas stoves, pellet stoves or oil stoves will heat it.

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