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Gas Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces work on natural gas or propane and come in three venting options: direct vent gas fireplaces, B- or natural vent gas fireplaces and ventless gas fireplaces. They are very convenient because a gas fireplace requires only a gas valve to work.

Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Clearance: Brand Name Gas Direct Vent Fireplaces

With a direct vent gas fireplace, all the air for combustion comes from outside the house while exhaust gas goes out too. This tends to keep your house warmer as the inside air is not disturbed. Also, a direct vent gas fireplace needs no full height chimney and can be vented directly outside a side wall of the home.

Gas Fireplaces Natural Vent

A natural vent fireplace or B vent fireplace vents through the roof using B-vent gas pipe. In general, these B vent fireplaces produce a larger and more realistic yellow flame, so many people like fireplaces B vented for their beauty and realism. With many natural vent gas fireplaces to choose from Direct to Home Appliances.

Ventless Fireplace Clearance; Ventless Vent Free Fireplaces 50% Off

A ventless gas fireplace needs no chimney and thus is ideal for any installation. The ventless gas fireplace is highly efficient, up to 99.9% so. Gas ventless fireplaces all have an Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS) that lets you know when oxygen levels get too low for safety and thereby shuts the system off.

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