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RH Peterson Fireplaces

RH Peterson Fireplaces Shopping Guide – RH Peterson Fireplace Reviews

RH Peterson Fireplaces make everything when it comes to home heating and cooking. RH Peterson fireplaces makes pretty much every different kind of fireplaces, gas logs, firepits and any other kind of home heating device that is made.

rh-peterson-fireplaces-300x236RH Peterson fireplaces sells products under company names of Real Fyre, and Outdoor Campfyre. Real Fyre specializes gas logs, while Outdoor Campfyre is a fireplaces manufacturer of gas fireplaces.

RH Peterson Fireplace Gas Logs

Under the Realfyre company name RH Peterson Fireplaces manufactures some very high quality gas logs. These include both ventless and vented gas logs which can be either natural or propane gas logs. If you are interested in buying gas logs, Peterson Fireplaces are a really good company to check out as they make some of the best and most realistic looking gas logs around.

RH Peterson Fireplaces – RH Peterson Fireplace Outdoor Products

For those of you who would rather have outdoor fireplaces, RH Peterson Fireplace makes some great products under the company name of Outdoor Campfyre. These outdoor fireplaces are gas fireplaces that include prefabricated designs using masonry designs, designer logs, beach wood logs, volcanic stones and concrete rings with glass. If you want a fireplace in your backyard that can install very easy, one of these prefabricated units are perfect for you.

Other Products From RH Peterson

Besides fireplaces, RH Peterson makes some great outdoor products. Probably the most notable product that RH Peterson sells are not fireplaces at all, they are the RH Peterson Firemagic grills! These are some of the highest quality outdoor grills made, and they are for high performance grilling from RH Peterson fireplace.

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