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Napoleon Stoves

Napoleon Stoves Shopping Guide – Napoleon Stove Reviews

Napoleon Stoves are just as good as their Napoleon Fireplaces counterparts. The Napoleon stove name is very well respected and known in the fireplaces and stoves industry, and just might be the most known name out of any fireplace or stove manufacturer and there is no wonder why – Napoleon Stoves has been making some of the highest quality products at some of the lowest prices in the industry. You just can’t lose with Napoleon Stoves!

napoleon-stoves-250x300The Napoleon stove “The Wood Gourmet” won the coveted Vesta award in 2005 because of it’s unique design and energy efficiency. This wood burning stove are EPA wood stoves, meaning that they are EPA certified because of their superior standards of energy efficiency and cleaner burning stoves, plus this model qualifies you for a 30% tax write off up to $1,500 of the purchase price from the government! Getting an award winning wood burning stove for even cheaper isn’t such a bad option to have…

Napoleon Stoves – Napoleon Pellet Stove

Napoleon Stoves line of pellet stoves are one of the best pellet stove options that you can find. These stoves are much more environmentally sound than other home heating options, and are economical and convenient as well. All of these Napoleon stoves are free standing stoves that give you much more heat than other pellet stoves. Normally when it comes to pellet stoves, us here at Fireplaces and Wood Stoves NOW don’t recommend them as primary heat sources but Napoleon pellet stoves can produce much more heat than other models and many times can be used as primary heaters.

Other Napoleon Stove Products

Napoleon Stoves makes some very nice ventless gas stoves for those who wish to have a whole lot of energy efficient heat for cheaper from their stoves. These ventless options are the best way to go when looking for lots of heat output and more efficiency from gas stoves.

Napoleon Stoves also has a product lineup of 9 different wood burning stoves, each with different styles such as cast iron stove fireplaces, EPA models and more. These Napoleon wood burning stoves use the best wood burning technology because of Napoleon stoves superior testing and engineering process.

Lastly, Napoleon stove also has a lineup of 3 different oil burning stoves with a more antique wood stove look to them. These are not as popular as the gas and wood burning stoves, but they are an alternative that some people like.

Fireplaces and Wood Stoves NOW highly recommends any of the products manufactured by Napoleon Stoves.

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