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Monessen Fireplaces

Monessen Fireplaces Shopping Guide – Monessen Fireplace Reviews

Monessen Fireplaces doesn’t just offer just about every type of fireplace that you may find on the market, Monnessen Fireplace also gives very good information regarding fireplaces and home heating to consumers whether you are a customer or not. If you need any help regarding installation or operating a wood burning or gas fireplaces, Monessen Fireplaces is one of the best fireplaces manufacturers to ask.

monessen-fireplaces-300x300Monessen Fireplaces was founded in 1993 as a fireplaces manufacturer of vent free gas logs, and since then Monessen Fireplace has grown significantly to become a leading full line supplier of home heating and hearth products. Monessen Fireplaces offers a complete lineup of direct vent fireplaces,b vent, ventless vent free fireplaces and as well as wood burning fireplaces models.. These products include log sets, fireplaces, inserts and stoves.

The Monessen Fireplaces factory resides in Paris, Kentucky in a 280 square foot building. Every year they produce at least 150,000 different models of fireplaces, as well as over 160,000 gas logs! Talk about production!

Monessen Fireplaces Products

Monessen Fireplaces prides their products in being easy to install quality fireplaces. Many of their wood burning fireplaces products are high efficiency tax credit wood fireplaces that qualify for an EPA tax rebate because of their high efficiency and cleaner burning designs.

Besides these wood burning products Monessen Fireplace also makes many other products to heat your home efficiently and in style. Monessen Fireplaces manufactures and distributes outdoor fireplaces built to withstand the weather and other elements of the outdoors, electric fireplaces, fireplaces accessories, and chimney caps. If you need any product related to fireplaces, or even information, you can find it from Monessen Fireplaces.

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