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Gas Fireplaces Shopping Guide – Gas Fireplace Information

gas-fireplaces-300x300Gas fireplaces are a favorite among many homeowners because they are lower maintenance and much easier to use than traditional wood burning fireplaces. While Fireplaces and Wood Stoves NOW isn’t going to say that either type of fireplace stove is better than the other, there are some definite advantages to a gas fireplace.

Different Types Of Gas Fireplaces

Gas Fireplace Options

There are different models of gas fireplaces such as direct vent, natural vent b vent, ventless, propane and natural gas fireplaces.

Direct vent fireplaces doesn’t use a chimney like traditional fireplaces use. Direct vent gas fireplaces instead vent directly from the roof or out the side of a wall in your home.

Natural vent b vent fireplaces draw air from the fireplace and vent through a pipe instead of a chimney. These gas fireplaces are more inexpensive and easier to install, but they don’t usually offer as much heat as other venting systems.

Ventless vent free fireplaces are fireplaces that don’t get vented to outside your home at all. Canada, Australia and New Zealand have banned these due to safety and environmental hazards, and some people might tell you to never buy one of these but for the most part vent free gas fireplaces are just fine.

Propane fireplaces and natural gas fireplaces are the possible fuel sources that a gas fireplace uses.

The Benefits Of Gas Fireplaces

There are all kinds of benefits to gas fireplaces which has made them appealing to homeowners. Some people fear that these gas fireplace units look unauthentic, but modern gas fireplaces can resemble traditional fireplaces if that’s what you’re looking for. And if you don’t like having to store firewood on your property, then gas fireplaces are for you because you can get gas from your utility company. Gas fireplaces also start up and heat quickly with the turn of a knob and press of a button, so there’s not any waiting for the fire to get started like with wood burning fireplaces and stoves. Gas fireplaces are usually cleaner than traditional wood burning fireplaces. There is no ash or mess with gas fireplaces. They can also be turned on and off instantly, so those with young children might want to invest in gas fireplaces.

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