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Fireplaces Shopping Guide – Fireplace Information

With all of the fireplaces available, sometimes it can be hard to choose a product. In this page of Fireplaces and Wood Stoves NOW we’re going to give you all of the different fireplace options with a link to that specific section of the website so you can compare features, get unbiased fireplace reviews, look at different manufacturers and make more informed decisions before making any purchase.

fireplaces1-300x225Gas fireplaces are a favorite to many because the modern ones are energy efficient and easy to maintain. For more information about gas fireplaces click on the link above.

The traditional wood burning fireplace has been the most popular choice for homeowners for many years because of the smell as well as lowered heating bills. For more information about wood burning fireplaces click on the link above.

Electric fireplaces aren’t as popular as wood burning or gas fireplaces, but they offer certain advantages such as a very easy installation. For more information about electric fireplaces click on the link above.

A cast iron fireplace is a fireplace which stands alone either indoors or outdoors. These kinds of fireplaces are very durable and can be used with many fuel sources. For more information about cast iron fireplaces click on the link above.

A masonry fireplace is any fireplace built out of mortar materials such as concrete blocks, bricks, stone and other materials. For more information about masonry fireplaces click on the link above.

These elegant models are made out of different brick options. For more information about brick fireplaces click on the link above.

The word “faux” is derived from the french word for “false” and these models of fireplaces can be purchased for cheap. For more information about faux fireplaces click on the link above.

Stone Fireplaces

A stone fireplace can feature many different stone options and make your home or backyard look great. For more information about stone fireplaces click on the link above.

A penninsula fireplace is any fireplace with three different sides of glass built into the wall. These models are a great conversation starter in any home and are usually the center of attention. For more information about penninsula fireplaces click on the link above.

A corner fireplace is any fireplace built into the corner of a home and can really bring the layout of a living room together . For more information about corner fireplaces click on the link above.

While we’re not going to say that any one of these models are the best, some of them offer certain advantages over the others. Looking through our shopping guide before you buy anything will ensure that you are happy with your fireplaces.

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