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Fireplace Screen Doors

Fireplace Screen Doors Shopping Guide – Fireplace Screen Door Information

Fireplace screen doors provide a lot of safety for your home and yourself by keeping sparks and hot coals from jumping out of the fireplace and right where they belong.

fireplace-screen-doorsWith wood burning fireplaces, many times the firewood can “pop” which is a little explosion that can send hot and dangerous sparks out of the fireplace onto hearth rugs or other flammable materials. These fireplace screen doors are designed to block these sparks from ever making it out of the fireplace to keep you safe. Besides their primary job, which is mostly function to keep your home safe, a fireplace screen door can help decorate your fireplaces as well.

Preparing To Install Fireplace Screen Doors
Buying A Fireplace Screen Door

Before you purchase fireplace screen doors you should prepare to make sure that you get the right product that’s the right size. If you own prefabricated faux fireplaces you should check with the fireplaces manufacturers before you buy a fireplace screen door to see what types of fireplace screen doors will be work with their products. Sometimes the manufacturers will give you their recommendations of which products are most compatible with their particular fireplaces, and other times they will say that anything will work as long it is the right size.

Before going to the store and buying a fireplace screen door you want to properly measure your fireplace. You should measure the front width of the fireplace, the back width and the front height. If you can’t remember, or don’t know what kind of fireplace you own bring the owners manual or take pictures to show the workers at whatever fireplaces store that you will be shopping at.

Lastly, you want to invest in fireplace screen doors that will compliment the decor of your home or patio. Some fireplace screen doors will be very decorative, and others will be very plain. Whatever style you choose you should try to match the style, look and feel of whatever room your fireplace screen door is in.

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