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Fireplace Grates

Fireplace Grates Shopping Guide – Fireplaces Grates Information

Fireplace grates are what your fireplace logs, or gas logs sit on top of. These fireplaces grates are one of the most overlooked and most important parts of your fireplaces when it comes to performance and heat output from your heater.

fireplace-gratesBuying The Right Fireplace Grates
Choosing Fireplaces Grates

When most people are preparing their fireplaces, they tend to ignore the fireplaces grates. They think that just any size of any old fireplace grate will work for their heating units but they are wrong. These fireplaces accessories are much more important than most people think.

The first thing that you have to do to make sure that you purchase the right fireplace grates is measure your fireplace. Measure the front as well as the back width of your fireboxes accurately and jot them down. You can ask an employee at whatever fireplace stores the proper size of fireplaces grates that you should get, but generally the fireplace grates should be 6” smaller than the width of your fireplace and 3” smaller than the depth.

The next thing you should figure out before going to the store to buy these is what kind of material you want to use for your fireplaces grates. There are two different types of fireplace grates that you will find – steel and cast iron fireplace grates. As a general rule, the thicker the bars are of your fireplaces grates, the longer they will last in your fireplaces.

Why Do I Need Fireplace Grates?

There are a number of reasons to why you should buy these for your fireplaces. The main reason that you invest in these is that they make your fireplaces and wood stoves more efficient and produce a better quality fire that is warmer in temperature. Secondly, the grates lift your hardwood off of the bottom of the firebox and allow you to start a fire much easier because air gets underneath allowing the fire to breathe. Lastly, these protect the bottom of your fireplaces from coals and heat from the fire. Your fireplaces will last longer with these as opposed to never having fireplace grates.

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