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Fireplace Cleaning

Fireplace Cleaning Guide – Fireplaces Cleaning Information

A good fireplace cleaning should be done regularly to ensure that your fireplaces look good and perform well too. This fireplaces cleaning should be done at least once a year or more, depending on usage.

fireplace-cleaningFireplace Cleaning
A How To Guide For Fireplaces Cleaning

The first step to fireplace cleaning is to remove all of the large stuff out of your wood burning fireplaces or wood burning stoves. Anything that you cannot sweep up with a broom or vacuum should be discarded into the waste bin.

Next fireplace cleaning step you should then proceed to sweep or vacuum up any ash or smaller materials that you can. Using smaller home vacuums are not recommended for this step of fireplaces cleaning for they can get clogged up. Large shop vacuums or brooms work better for this step of fireplace cleaning.

You are now ready to scrub the walls of your fireplaces. Make a solution using either a fireplace cleaning product, or your own with a little bleach in some nice warm water. Use a brush with semi tough bristles and get down and dirty with this step of fireplace cleaning!

Clean the fireplace screen doors and fireplace glass doors using a glass cleaning product. You can also polish any and all of the exterior of the fireplace that needs a good fireplace cleaning.

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