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Fireplace Bellow

Fireplace Bellow Shopping Guide – Fireplace Bellows Information

A fireplace bellow are fireplaces accessories that help improve the performance of a wood fireplace or wood stove by pushing air out of a pump like tool right onto the flames to feed the fire oxygen, which makes the fire hotter.

fireplace-bellow-300x202A fireplace bellow are only for wood burning fireplaces and not needed by gas fireplaces. Most commonly you will see fireplace bellows in the shape of a triangle or circle which then comes to a point and faces the fireplace to feed the fire with extra oxygen.

Fireplace Bellow Models
Fireplace Bellows Designs

Just like any other fireplace
tools, your fireplace bellow should match the style, look and feel of your fireplace and room decor. There are many different styles and materials used for these products so you can easily find one that interest you and matches your individual style. Because the fireplace bellow has been around for hundreds of years, it’s easy to find ones that are very old and can match the look of your antique wood stoves or fireplaces. On the contrary, if you own more modern contemporary stoves, there are more modern fireplace bellow products to match the style of these as well.

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