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List Of Fireplaces Accessories Fireplace Accessories Ideas

Fireplace Mantels are large hoods that hang over the top of your fireplace. These fireplaces accessories are used for decoration and sometimes for some storage and placing pictures, artwork and even TVs on top of. These fireplace accessories can be made out of brick, stone, wood or other materials.

fireplaces-accessories-300x269Fireplace Grates are the metal parts of fireplaces that hold wood, logs or your gas log sets. These fireplaces accessories are a crucial part to the performance and heating capabilities of fireplaces and stoves.

Fireplace Doors are the serve a lot of function to your fireplaces and homes. These fireplace accessories keep in the smoke, and keep you safe from hot coals and ash which can spew out when logs crack.

Fireplace Screen Doors just like fireplace doors, these fireplaces accessories provide safety by keeping sparks and coals from coming out of your fireplace which can be a fire hazard.

Fireplaces Surrounds are the area directly around your fireplaces, the top and sides. The surrounds of your fireplace can really make your fireplace stand out and look better. These surrounds can be many different materials such as stone, brick, stone wood and many other materials.

Fireplace Andirons are some of the oldest fireplace accessories. These are antiques, or antique looking decorative pieces that were historically used as the legs of fireplaces and stoves.

Fireplace Bellow helps improve the performance of a wood fireplace or wood stove by pushing air out of a pump like tool right onto the flames to feed the fire oxygen, which makes the fire hotter.

Fireplace Covers protect your fire from the weather and people. When not in use fireplaces should use these fireplaces accessories to ensure that your fireplaces are not being tampered with, scratched or collecting dust.

Fireplaces Blowers help move warm air around your home from the fire and get warmth around your house quicker.

Fireplace Cleaning should be done somewhat regularly to ensure high performance and cleaner burning. You can pay for someone to do these or do them yourself but these should be done regularly.

Fireplace Tools are many different tools to help you scoop ash, pick ash / logs up and move things around in your fire. These fireplace accessories should be somewhere near every fireplace, especially the wood burning ones.

Chimney Caps keep the weather and cold air from coming in through your chimney which will make your fireplaces and wood stoves burn less efficiently. They also keep moisture from entering which can really cause some problems in your chimney.

Chimney Liners these keep the byproducts of combustion from coming back into your house after going up the chimney. These are some of the most important fireplaces accessories that you can invest in.

Hearths are an open recess in a wall at the base of a chimney where a fire can be built.

Firewood Racks hold firewood for you right by the fire so you don’t have to go outside to get fuel every time you want to build a fire or add a log to it.

Remote Control add a lot of convenience to your fireplace. These fireplaces accessories add a lot of luxury to every fireplace as well as relaxation.

Fireplace Burners are for gas fireplaces and is where the gas comes from that causes the flame in a gas fireplace.

Fireplaces Screens keep you and your home safe from dangerous sparks, as well as keep embers from the fire from leaving the fireplace. These can be very helpful in a wood burning fireplace where wood can occasionally pop while burning , sending hot embers from the fire.

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