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Firegear Fireplaces Shopping Guide – Firegear Fireplace Reviews

Firegear makes some of the most cutting edge and innovative fireplaces gas logs, firepits and fireplaces accessories. The Firegear main office can be found in Canton, Michigan and they have some other manufacturing facilities in Indiana.

firegear-300x225Dennis Smith, president and CEO of Firegear fireplaces started the company after a long 20 year career in the fireplaces industry specializing in retailing and distributing fireplaces. He decided to make a company did something in the industry that nobody else did when it comes to manufacturing fireplaces – listen to the needs of customers, dealers, and distributors and design products consumers loved and dealers wanted to sell.

Firegear Gas Logs

Firegear gas logs are their most popular product. These Firegear gas logs look exactly like traditional wood burning fireplaces, and unless you have a finely tuned eye it can be very hard to tell the two apart from one another. They have a wide range of gas log products, and many fireplaces accessories to go along with these gas logs. Of these Firegear products, they manufacture vented gas logs and vent free models depending on what your preferences are regarding fireplace venting.

Firegear Fireplaces Other Products

Besides the gas logs, Firegear manufactures many other fireplaces items and outdoor products. Firegear makes some quality fireplaces accessories, valve kits, fireplace remote controls, firepits, fireboxes as well as other items from Firegear.

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