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Electric Logs

Electric Logs Shopping Guide – Electric Log Reviews

Electric logs offer one of the cheapest, and easiest installations. Electric logs are essentially electric fireplaces with a log that somewhat resembles a fire. While these electric logs usually don’t do as good of a job of imitating a fire as other gas logs do, they are getting better at it every year.

electric-logs-300x300Electric log models usually have light bulbs which produce a flickering effect of wood burning fireplaces. If you are looking for a electric log that produces heat, make sure that you read up about whatever product that you are considering buying because some of these electric logs are just for looks and don’t produce any heat at all. However there are some good electric logs heater products which are pretty good at generating heat.

The Benefits Of Electric Logs Heater

There are many benefits to these electric logs. The biggest advantage to these is the ease of installation. You won’t have to do any remodel to your home in order to install one of these electric log heaters into your home, nor do you need a chimney. The units give you instant on and instant off capabilities, which is a great safety feature to have. On the lines of safety, there is no actual fire in one of these which can pop and send glowing coals into your home. Most people really like the how hassle free these electric logs fireplaces are. There is no buying, chopping, stacking firewood or building a fire. Electric logs are very low maintenance as well.

Before You Buy One Of These…

Before you jump on the electric logs heater bandwagon, you should consider a couple things. First of all, what will you use your electric log for? If you need it for only heat, you should be aware that these are not the most effective units in heating a home and you would be better off with a wood burning stove or fireplace. You should also take note that your electricity bills will increase quite a bit when using electric logs as heaters, especially if you are running them a lot.

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