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Chimney Liners

Chimney Liners Shopping Guide – Chimney Liner Information

Chimney liners only purpose is for safety. While chimney caps do more than just keep you safe such as retain heat, the sole purpose of a chimney liner is to keep you, your family and your house safe while having a fire. In the United States, homes built after 1940 are required by law to use chimney liners that are in proper working order and up to standards.

chimney-liners-300x300Chimney liners should be used in both gas and wood burning fireplaces because of the many different gases and high amounts of heat that they produce. The combination of deadly gases and heat can damage you chimney, and cause the need for repairs earlier than is expected. Not only do these chimney liner products keep your chimney from getting damaged, these fireplaces accessories also keep deadly gases from coming back into your house which can ultimately make you sick or lead to death.

Types Of Chimney Liners
Chimney Liner Products

The three most popular types of chimney liner products are stainless steel, clay and concrete. Most homeowners use stainless steel because they can be used with just about every type of fireplaces, they are durable long lasting chimney liners and are cheaper products as well.

Clay chimney liners are also pretty common. These are pretty inexpensive, durable and are effective when used for open fireplace chimneys. The biggest disadvantage to these is if a chimney fire happens, these liners will quickly breakdown.

Concrete chimney liners aren’t as popular because they are more expensive, and the installation is permanent.

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