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Why Buy Wood Burning Stoves?

wood-burning-stoves-244x300Wood burning stoves are a very cost effective way of heating your home, especially in the winter time or for colder locations. Firewood is also relatively cheap, depending on where you live. A wood burning stove doesn’t need any electricity to light, which makes them very independent and will still work if the power goes out as long as you have wood and a way to light the fire making wood burning stoves great for emergencies.

Types Of Wood Burning Stoves

wood pellet burning stoves use little wood pellets that can efficiently heat your home for a fraction of the cost of gas without taking up a lot of storage space. The wood pellets are made from wood sawdust waste that would otherwise end up in the trash.

Antique wood stoves are collectors items that are hard to come by. These wood burning stoves can be seen in showrooms and museums, and are worth a lot of money because they are so rare and hard to find. These antique wood stove models are considered classics and have a very elegant look to them.

EPA wood stoves are wood burning stoves that are certified by the Environmental Protection Agency because they are very efficient. These wood burning stove models qualify for a tax write off which can save you up to 30% of the purchase price of your wood burning stoves.

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