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Breckwell Stove

Breckwell Stove Shopping Guide – Breckwell Stoves Reviews

Breckwell Stove is one of the leading stove manufacturers in the industry and manufactures virtually every type of stove that you can buy. Breckwell Stove specializes in making the most energy efficient wood burning stoves and pellet stoves that money can buy that are EPA wood stoves and high efficiency tax credit pellet stoves.

breckwell-stoveBreckwell Stoves has been a leader in the pellet stoves industry since 1980, raising the standard for dependable performance by which other companies measure themselves. Breckwell Stove started manufacturing pellet stoves in 1988, and then gas stoves in 1993. Every year Breckwell continues to innovate and improve upon the already high performance and efficiency that Breckwell Stove has already established.

The Focus Of Breckwell Stove

Breckwell Stove wants all of their wood burning, gas and pellet stoves to be reliable and hassle free. That means that they want all of their products to be low maintenance, offer easy installation, easy operation and be good looking as well as very durable. They offer digital control panels to make their stoves very easy to use, and also include many safety check in these systems so you can make sure that they are operating safely.

Breckwell Stove – Breckwell Pellet Stoves

Breckwell pellet stoves can almost match the heat that their wood burning stoves give, but with cleaner operation and all the convenience of a modern appliance: automatic ignition, self feeding and sophisticated controls. Since 1984, more than 500,000 pellet stoves have proven this new home heating technology convenient, economical and gentle on the environment – and a wonderful option for homeowners. There is no smoke from a Breckwell pellet stove. They manufacture both corn and wood pellet stoves with the quality label of Breckwell Stove.

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