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Gas Logs Shopping Guide – Gas Log Reviews

Gas logs are gas fireplaces with a real looking log inside which makes it look very much like traditional wood burning fireplaces. Sometimes with the better gas log products you can’t even tell the difference between gas logs and traditional fireplaces. These gas logs appeal to both those who like wood burning fireplaces and gas fireplaces by taking the best traits of both worlds. Gas logs have the great look of a wood fire, without all of the maintenance or hassle of starting a fire. With a gas log set you don’t have to chop wood, stack it, start a fire or clean up all the ash which turns many people off from the wood fireplaces. Gas logs also have the instant on and instant off quality so right when you need heat you got it, and right when you need to leave you can turn the fire off in a second with gas logs.
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Electric Logs Electric Logs

Electric Logs Shopping Guide – Electric Log Reviews Electric logs offer one of the cheapest, and easiest installations. Electric logs are essentially electric fireplaces with a log that somewhat resembles a fire. While these electric logs usually don’t do as good of a job of imitating a fire as other gas logs do, they are […]

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Propane Gas Logs Propane Gas Logs

Propane Gas Logs Shopping Guide – Propane Gas Log Reviews Propane gas logs are an alternative to natural gas logs. These propane gas logs are very effective ways of heating your home and combine the best traits of wood burning fireplaces and propane fireplaces into one propane gas log unit! Some people just don’t like […]

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Natural Gas Logs Natural Gas Logs

Natural Gas Logs Shopping Guide – Natural Gas Log Reviews Natural gas logs are gas logs which make use of natural gas which is a fossil fuel which consists primarily of methane. If you like the look of a real fire, without the hassle of having one then natural gas log products are a great […]

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Vented Gas Logs Vented Gas Logs

Vented Gas Logs Shopping Guide – Vented Gas Log Reviews Vented gas logs combine both the best traits of traditional wood burning fireplaces with the hassle free convenience of gas fireplaces. These vented gas logs are not quite as effective regarding efficiency as the ventless models, yet they still are very effective heaters. If you […]

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Types Of Gas Logs Types Of Gas Logs

Gas log sets come in every different venting style. Most of the time however you will find that many gas logs are ventless vent free fireplaces because these are the most popular. The ventless gas logs are very efficient cost cutting ways of generating a bunch of heat quickly. Operating Gas Log Sets Gas log […]

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