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Inserts are a great way of retrofitting an already existing fireplace into a much more energy efficient fireplace or stove. There are many different types of insert products to choose from if you are thinking about getting one of these inserts. This section of Fireplaces and Wood Stoves NOW is designed to help you and give you some information about different kinds of inserts, which should give you some direction to what product will best fit your home. Types Of Inserts – Insert Product Reviews Fireplaces inserts are inserts that go into already existing fireplaces. Of these fireplaces inserts include gas inserts, ventless inserts and natural vent inserts. Wood burning inserts are inserts that use wood for fuel. For more information about wood burning inserts, please refer to that section of the website. Pellet inserts are very efficient inserts that use pellets made of wood, corn or coal as their fuel source. For more information about pellet inserts please see that section of the website. High efficiency tax credit inserts are insert products that qualify for an EPA tax credit because they have efficiency ratings of 72% or better and are very clean burning. For more information about these pellet inserts, please see that specific section on this website. Stove inserts are inserts which go into existing fireplace stoves. For more information about these insert products please check out that section of the website.

The Benefits Of Inserts

Inserts are very popular because they are a cheaper way of retrofitting a not so efficient or clean burning older fireplace. Inserts can improve the efficiency of your fireplace or stoves up to 70% and sometimes even more depending on the model you purchase, so investing in one of these ends up paying for itself in the long haul.
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High Efficiency Tax Credit Inserts High Efficiency Tax Credit Inserts

High Efficiency Tax Credit Inserts Shopping Guide High Efficiency Tax Credit Insert Reviews High efficiency tax credit inserts are fireplaces inserts that are certified by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) by having a energy efficient rating of at least 72% or higher. These high efficiency tax credit insert products give you more bang for your […]

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Natural Vent Inserts Natural Vent Inserts

Natural Vent Inserts Shopping Guide – Natural Vent Insert Reviews Natural vent inserts, which are also called b vent fireplaces inserts use air from the room they are in for heating. Natural vent inserts accomplish this heating by drawing air from under the fireplace into the chamber where it gets heated and then is radiated […]

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Direct Vent Inserts Direct Vent Inserts

Direct Vent Inserts Shopping Guide – Direct Vent Insert Reviews Direct vent inserts are efficient and cost cutting ways of retrofitting old fireplaces or stoves into more modern, efficient and economical ways of heating your home or room. These direct vent insert products are popular ways of heating among homeowners. Direct vent inserts don’t use […]

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Ventless Inserts Ventless Inserts

Ventless Inserts Shopping Guide – Ventless Insert Reviews Ventless inserts are the most effective fireplaces inserts when it comes to efficiency and heating your homes. Before purchasing any of these ventless inserts, always check your local building codes because they aren’t legal in certain parts. Because these ventless insert products don’t draw any air from […]

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Gas Inserts Gas Inserts

Gas Inserts Shopping Guide – Gas Insert Reviews Gas inserts are a great option to have for those who have old gas fireplaces that aren’t very efficient or economical and would like an upgrade with one of these gas inserts products to save them money in the long run. Many homeowners really like these gas […]

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Fireplaces Inserts Fireplaces Inserts

Fireplaces Inserts Shopping Guide – Fireplaces Insert Reviews Fireplaces inserts are designed to put a more efficient fireplace unit into already existing fireplaces. Older fireplaces are not very energy efficient or as clean burning as the fireplaces insert products that are available these days. These fireplaces inserts are relatively cheap to buy depending on what […]

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