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Boiler Problems

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Basic Boiler Problems and How to Solve Them Basic Boiler Problems and How to Solve Them

Since a lot of people have combination boilers at home, it is also best to identify the basic boiler problems and the best solution when it occurs. Problems with boiler can be easily resolved once the person knows what boiler parts the problem is coming from. After identifying the problem, it is always best to […]

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Boiler Breakdowns Boiler Breakdowns

How to Avoid Boiler Breakdowns? Breakdowns are problems associated to all combination boilers. However, this type of boiler problems can be prevented with the right knowledge of what to do when the boiler breakdowns occur. Freezing temperatures and harsh weather across the United Kingdom causes boiler breakdown. Since a lot of people own a combination […]

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Boiler Insurance Boiler Insurance

The Importance of Getting Boiler Insurance Combination boiler necessitates regular checkups and repair whenever it breaks down. This is where boiler insurance comes in great importance as everything about your boiler and central heating will be taken care of in the event that it encounters any forms of damages. Boiler insurance provides coverage for the […]

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Boiler Faults Boiler Faults

Boiler Faults and How to Avoid Them Like any other appliances, combination boilers also break down. There are times that you really need to check them to prevent them from boiler faults. One of the most common boiler faults is the malfunction of your combination boiler. Sometimes, we suspect that the combination boiler needs a […]

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Boiler Maintenance Boiler Maintenance

Do-It-Yourself Boiler Maintenance Tips In order to make your combination boiler last long, you need to be sure that you are able to maintain it properly. Boiler maintenance is very important so that, you won’t need to replace and repair it more often. Here are some tips that you should consider to avoid having problems […]

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Boiler Efficiency Boiler Efficiency

The Benefits of the Right Boiler Efficiency Changing your combi boiler to efficiency boiler will help you save a lot of money on your energy bills. Low efficient combination boilers consume huge amounts of electricity. So, you have to make sure that what you are using is boiler efficiency. Here are the benefits of the […]

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