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The Benefits Of Wood Burning Fireplaces

wood-burning-fireplaces-300x200Tradition is hard to break. It’s hard to beat the beauty the flames create from one of these, the sound of the wood burning / cracking or the delightful smell of outdoor wood burning fireplaces. While there is more maintenance involved in these models than gas fireplaces, many people really like the whole process of making a fire and maintaining it by feeding it wood.

Wood burning fireplaces are focal points during social gatherings and can create beautiful romantic settings. There is something soothing about wood burning fireplaces which cannot be replaced by any other model.

Wood Burning Fireplace Considerations

Before purchasing one of these models you should think about certain things that you wouldn’t have to consider with a gas fireplace. When starting a wood burning fireplace, you should always be present to monitor the fire, especially if children are present. With gas fireplaces this isn’t such an issue, since they can be turned on and off very easily. You also have to consider the maintenance. Wood burning fireplaces require regular maintenance including the chimney for safety reasons, as well as the ash left behind from these models.

While these models are much more maintenance, it’s hard to replace a wood burning fireplaces with any other model.

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