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Basic Boiler Problems and How to Solve Them

Boiler-ProblemsSince a lot of people have combination boilers at home, it is also best to identify the basic boiler problems and the best solution when it occurs. Problems with boiler can be easily resolved once the person knows what boiler parts the problem is coming from.

After identifying the problem, it is always best to check the manual to see if there is available information that will help you troubleshoot the boiler problem.

Hot Water Problems

Hard water contains calcium and magnesium ions and when hard water is heated these salts form a hard scale inside the hot water appliances that adjoins the pipe-work. This is where the boiler problem starts because the buildup of scale will continue as more and more calcium is deposited. If not given a fast solution, this boiler problem will lead to blocked hot water heat exchangers in your combination boilers.

In order to resolve problems with boiler that is related with hot water, the solution is to descale. You need to connect the power flush machine to the combination boiler main inlet and hot outlet. Then, add the descaler chemicals to powerflush machine tank and let it circulate. Boiler fires heating descaling chemical and the flow direction is repeatedly changed to maximize the cleaning action.

The blockage or lime scale dissolves and produces CO2 which appears as foamy bubbles in the Powerflush machine tank. Thus, the Lime scale is removed and your problems with boiler are easily determined.

Water Pressure Problems

Another common problem is the combi boiler pressure. This becomes a problem because the water pressure on sprinklers connected to a combi boiler can drop. During winter, when no one is watering his lawn, the sprinklers work well. But, once the summer hits people begin using the water systems to water their grass, then, the increased demand for water creates stress on the system that can cause your combination boiler to shut down. This boiler problem can be resolved by checking your boilers from time to time especially when you are not using it.

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