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  • Gas Stoves

    Gas Stoves Shopping Guide – Gas Stove Reviews There are so many benefits to gas stoves which has made them very popular among homeowners and families. Modern gas stoves offer very high performance, great energy efficiency and sleek looking gas stove designs. Modern gas stoves closely resemble wood burning stoves, in fact sometimes they resemble […]

  • Hestia

    Hestia Heating Products is a technologically advanced company whose first product, the HHP-II Multi-Fuel Corn Pellet Stove, is garnering astounding interest. The HHP-II corn pellet stove is now available at COOZ’S at our factory direct pricing. Enjoy the convenience and the EPA tax credit on this marvel and buy from us. We cut out the […]

  • HorseFlame Stoves

    Using clean burning technology, outstanding heating efficiency and convected and radiant heat, HorseFlame stoves really perform. The air-washed glass and air-controlled flames and emissions make HorseFlame stoves easy to use, clean and operate. Visually, HorseFlame is classic yet modern and suitable for any décor Save Save Save

  • Featured Fireplace & Stove Brands

    We are the high-quality fireplaces and stoves you’re looking for at the best prices on the Internet. Choose saucy modern fireplaces, economical wood burning fireplaces and stoves, and inserts that will retrofit your fireplace into something that saves on your energy bills. and at these prices, you can afford to buy one for every room […]

  • Best Selling Fireplaces top selling

    These fireplaces represent our best-selling models. Be they wood burning fireplaces, gas fireplaces or electric fireplaces, they will offer you years of enjoyment. Find direct vent gas fireplaces, natural vent gas fireplaces and vent free fireplaces herein, along with heat fireplaces. Let us help you select the right fireplace. [content-egg module=Amazon template=item limit=1] Fireplaces on […]

  • Fireplace Sizes

    The smaller the fireplace, the cozier it will be because it will emit less heat than its larger fireplace counterparts. You should choose your fireplace size based not only on the space you need to fill but also the amount of area you need to heat. We have fireplaces that range from 20 inches to […]

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